Milford Waterfront, in Milford Haven, is the home of The Lounge.

We opened our doors to serve great food within a fantastic atmosphere, with a menu which is modern and full of local and fresh produce!

Our team are detailed within service and cooking which ensures our customers are well looked after.

We serve a fantastic breakfast which is full of high-quality produce – From Welsh sausages to Welsh yogurt and honey for our pancakes we ensure we get the best for our customers.

We provide great options for lunch from Sandwiches, paninis, salads, jacket potatoes, homemade soup – The options really do keep on going.

Then for evening the magic keeps getting better. Candles, flowers all set up on tables to ensure the surroundings are set for a fantastic evening. We have a special board which is updated by our well-trained chefs and within our latest menu we’re sure we can find you something to enjoy.

We also cater for parties so if you’re looking to celebrate anything from a birthday to a baby shower then head over and check out our reviews/recommendations!! You’ll soon realise you’re in the right place.

During non-peak seasons we open every day with evenings only on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s. However – Please don’t let that stop you wanting to spend an evening with us.

If you’re looking to spend time with us on a Sunday to Wednesday evening just drop us a message or call us direct. If we get a minimum of 10 people, we would be more than happy to open our doors for you!

Hope to see you all soon!